Jeweled Garden in Time: Reflecting on the 2024 Met Gala

Jeweled Garden in Time: Reflecting on the 2024 Met Gala

Every year the Metropolitan Museum of Art holds one of the most highly regarded fashion events of the season, the Met Gala. This year, celebrities from all backgrounds showed up dressed to impress with their interpretation of the nights theme “Garden of Time.” What we undoubtedly focused on were the dazzling diamonds dripping from each participant. These jewels could be described as nothing less than opulent. Some common themes we truly admired were those of yellow diamonds and green emeralds, as well as fantastical and organic interpretations. Here I will be delving into the standout jewelry styles that our team can’t seem to stop talking about.


Yellow Diamonds: A nod to ultimate luxury.

 If there is one trend that I am obsessed with right now it is yellow diamonds. They have the capability of being extravagant while also simultaneously being so elegant. Some notable icons that appeared in their best yellow diamonds were models Gigi Hadid and Amelia Gray. Hadid wore her yellow diamonds interwoven with white diamonds while Gray fashioned a yellow diamond pendant styled in a fantastical manner around her wet styled hair. The golden hues they brought to the table did not disappoint.



Emeralds: Exemplifying the garden. 

What better way to keep in garden theme than with the color GREEN! Beautiful emeralds were debuted on the yellow/green carpet by icons like Cardi B, Demi Moore, and no other than Kris Jenner. Symbolizing prosperity and growth, it makes sense that stylists would find emeralds fitting for the 2024 garden theme. If we were to pick the most ornate emerald worn that night, it would be that worn by Cardi B. Similarly, Moore wore an organic flowery necklace with emerald accents. Kris Jenner opted to forgo the necklace and adorn herself with emerald earrings and an emerald statement ring.  



 Ethereal Inspiration: Head to toe jewels. 

 Some looks that brought viewers to a place of glitter and shine were those of singer Ariana Grande and model Anok Yai. Fully embellished in crystals, Yai wore a mixture of blues that translated the water aspect of “Garden in Time”. Her beautiful statement jewelry encapsulated the concept of the garden by mimicking a floral pattern. One of my favorite looks of the night came from Ariana Grande. Grande appeared on the carpet styled in a mother of pearl bodice and opal earrings. The whimsy and innovation of a mother of pearl corset completely intertwined formal wear and jewelry in a truly unique way. Her stylist, Mimi Cuttrell, curated a Pinterest board that will now serve as my 2024 spring time inspo moving forward.  


Long + Drapey: Playing with proportions.  

Two looks that I’m sure have been on your feed have reminded us that jewelry doesn't have to be your typical 16” necklace. Draped with a double strand of pink and white diamonds cascading down her back, Pamela Anderson really brought inspiration and grace to the Met Gala. An off the shoulder necklace for spring? Groundbreaking. One of my personal style icons, Sarah Jessica Parker, also challenged the concept of a standard necklace, donning an extra-long strand of pearls. While these two looks might not seem relatable to everyday wear, it can remind us how important it is to play with our jewelry and apply it in out of the box ways.  



Bro Brooches: Redefining masculine elegance. 

 From classic lapel pins to statement brooches adorned with precious stones, men at the Met Gala showcased their individual style and embraced their self-expression this year. While this trend isn’t brand new, I’m so happy to see it being adopted by some of our favorite male celebrities. Actor Jeff Goldblum and artists Leon Bridges and Jon Batiste all embellished their gala looks with brooches of many shapes, sizes, and stones. Right on theme, Bridges and Goldblum opted for multiple floral brooches, Bridges even fashioning one as a bolo tie. Batiste opted for a single drop brooch for a more reserved look. I know I’m not alone when I say I’m totally here for the bro brooch.  


As the 2024 Met Gala conversations start to fade, one thing remains abundantly clear: jewelry whether it is styled for formal or everyday wear, has the ability to tell a story without saying a word. After all, the Met Gala really serves as a playground for creativity and self-expression. If you’re looking to bring your red carpet look to life, whether it’s with a stunning yellow diamond or a sleek brooch, book an appointment with Springer's Jewelers for your jewelry consultation. 

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