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What Other Clients Are Saying

If I could give a ten star review to Springer's Portland, I would. I've been a Springer's customer for over four years now and I've made the most important jewelry purchases here. Throughout the years, their ability to guide me to make the most prudent purchases, considering a variety of different factors, has been invaluable to me. My wife's engagement ring that I purchased from Springer's continues to receives compliments years later.


My husband was gifted an incredible watch from his father, and we needed it resized. We don’t really know the area so we called Springers to ask questions about adjusting the band. The girl that answered the phone was so kind and helpful. I genuinely felt like they wanted to help us out. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by Charlie. He educated us on the piece and was so accommodating for the adjustment. Charlie made this heirloom perfect for my husband and we cannot thank him and this location enough for your help and kindness. Thank you!


I am a loyal customer of Springer’s Jewelers in Portsmouth. Most of my experience is with the repair department and their work is above board and very quick. The staff I have worked with include Becca, Liam and Julia. Their professionalism, knowledge and friendly attitudes are incredible. Having been in the jewelry business myself, I feel confident in telling anyone reading this that they should definitely go to Springer’s!


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