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    From in-store and virtual bridal, jewelry, and watch appointments to "doorside" and in-store appraisal, buying, and repair drop offs and pickups, we are open and ready to help you in any way possible! Simply click on your store location below to schedule your appointment today!

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    Bath, Maine

    Next Available Bath Team Member

    The perfect option if you are new to us, or if you want whoever is available to best fit your schedule.


    Alexandra Newell

    Graduate Gemologist - Since 2015

    I am a second generation jeweler, following in my father's footsteps. In 2015 I went to Carlsbad, California to attend GIA and get my Graduate Gemologist Certificate. This industry is very important to me and, one could say, a very large part of who I am. I have an eye for designing new pieces and am excited to help find that perfect piece of jewelry for you or your loved one.

    Alexandra is currently on Maternity Leave and is not taking appointments at this time.

    Brianna Buzzell

    Fine Jewelry Professional - Since 2014

    I was born and raised in Portland, Maine and landed here in Bath with my now husband who was raised here. We moved here and decided this is where we wanted our life. We bought a house, got married, had our first baby in 2017 , and the rest is history. My career started at Springer’s Jewelers in January of 2014 after being in the restaurant business for 10 years... The only thing I knew starting at Springer's is that I love working with people (oh, and diamonds). What I learned very quickly working here is that I LOVE being a part of the special moments in people's lives. There is a lot that comes with jewelry, and I still have a lot to learn, but I Love the moments, the jewelry, and the people.


    Jen MacFawn

    Fine Jewelry Professional - Since 1999

    I was born and raised in Maine. I received my degree in Geology at the University of Florida. I have always had a passion for gems and minerals and so it was a natural segue to carve out a career in the jewelry industry. I started at Springer's in the Portland store, then on to Portsmouth. After a few gap years, I am now in our Bath store. I love seeing the familiar faces of those who shop in all of the three store locations! I truly enjoy assisting clients in finding that special piece whether it is new or estate. I also find it rewarding to work with a client on a piece that is no longer loved and re-creating it to a new favorite. I love spending time outdoors exploring our natural world where these beautiful gems and minerals have formed. When I am not at work, I am spending time with my husband and kids. You can find us swimming, skiing or hiking either at home or in the mountains of ME and NH.


    Sheila Irish

    Repair Guru - Since 1992

    I came to work for Springer's in 1992 when I returned to Maine from a year and a half in Washington State. I began in sales, slowly transitioning into the service department, and finally became the Office Manager in Bath after spending a few years in our Portland store. I always enjoy seeing a person's joyful reaction when they have their worn or broken piece of jewelry returned after being transformed by our jewelers back to its former self. When I'm not at work there's always a knit or crochet project in the works or during the summer I'm out playing on the water to satisfy my family's sea-faring heritage.


    Zoe Beaulieu

    Estate Department Manager & Fine Jewelry Professional - Since 2012

    My passions are diamonds and my hometown, Portland, ME. After receiving my Graduate Gemologist degree from G.I.A. in 2012, I came back to work for the family business on the sales floor, putting my knowledge of diamonds and gemstones to work. Now, as the Estate and Diamond Department Manager, I travel between our three locations buying, selling, trading and sourcing jewelry for our clients. In addition, I buy and source diamonds for our Bridal and Diamond Bar inventory.


    Portland, Maine

    Next Available Portland Team Member

    The perfect option if you are new to us, or if you want whoever is available to best fit your schedule.


    Chris Keene

    Fine Jewelry Professional - Since 2011

    A life long lover of jewelry, my passion started early on and led me to Maine, where I came to study Jewelry at Maine college of Art. After school I had the opportunity to work as an apprentice and bench jeweler under local artists until I made my way to Springer's. Since arriving here my passion for the unique and vintage has grown extensively. I can typically be found in close proximity to our estate collection photographing and researching our newest pieces. Outside of work I spend my time enjoying the Portland food scene and the islands of Casco Bay.


    Jen Aguayo

    Applied Jewelry Professional, GIA - Since 2012

    I have been working in the jewelry business for almost 2 decades. I've worked in sales, management, wholesale, and I've traveled all across North America doing design events with different jewelry companies. I have a love for helping couples find the perfect piece of jewelry, with a focus on engagement and bridal. Hearts on Fire is my favorite brand that we carry at Springer's. It's all about the sparkle!


    Kelly A. Hersom

    Fine Jewelry Professional - Since 2016

    There is something magical about being able to help my clients choose the ultimate gift. During my first communion I remember receiving my very own first gift, a ruby ring. It sits in my jewelry box and brings me back to that exact moment. Every piece of jewelry has a story. Hi, my name is Kelly. Come in and say hi, let me help you write your story.


    Naomi McNeill

    Fine Jewelry Professional - Since 2014

    What I love about jewelry is that it has a story. It has the power to remind you of a specific person or moment in time, all while communicating your identity to the world. Jewelry creates a connection between people because it can quickly segue strangers into a meaningful conversation. I also love the process of designing and creating jewelry, especially when I have a chance to help breathe new life into heirloom pieces, turning them from something dated to something unique and modern that you can truly enjoy. In my spare time I run my own jewelry studio where I design and create contemporary art jewelry, chasing around my tornado of a toddler, and of course hanging out with my high school sweetheart and best friend of a hubby.


    Portsmouth, New Hampshire

    Next Available Portsmouth Team Member

    The perfect option if you are new to us, or if you want whoever is available to best fit your schedule.


    Christie Lawrence

    Fine Jewery Professional - Since 2019

    A native of Portsmouth, NH I have proudly served the seacoast and surrounding towns for nearly 20 years. I love the long-lasting connections and just being a part of someone’s special moments in life, from birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, engagements, weddings, and even their newborn babies! I have a passion for diamonds and love educating clients on what makes each diamond unique just like the person who wears it.


    Evan Williams

    Applied Jewelry Professional, GIA - Since 2015

    Some of the most important buying decisions a person can make in their life will take place in a jewelry store. Every occasion is important in its own way. I take a pressure free approach where I aim to inform, answer questions, and guide. I truly enjoy being part of the process. My passion for jewelry, diamonds, and watches is what has kept me going in my jewelry career since 1999. When I am not at work, I enjoy cycling, and spending time with my wife and son on weekend getaways to the NH White Mountains area.


    Jack Winer

    Registered Jeweler, AGS - Since 2020

    Having been in the jewelry business for over 40 years, it’s comforting to work for a 4th generation jeweler, like Springer’s, who has gained the trust of so many generations of clients. In today’s face paced, digital world, an authentic, trusting relationship with our customers is my top priority that includes a phenomenal in-store experience.


    Niki Atkinson

    Fine Jewelry Professional - Since 2009

    My name is Niki, I have been working at Springer's Jewelers since 2009. I love working for a family owned business. I absolutely love the bridal department, I feel my strength is to listen and ask questions to help my customers find exactly what they are looking for. I want to take the time to build a trusted relationship and continue that friendship for all your jewelry needs for years to come.


    Shelly Smith

    Applied Jewelry Professional, GIA - Since 2015

    From an early age I loved sparkles. I'd take every opportunity to try on my aunt's spectacular 3-stone diamond ring, dreaming of one day owning such a precious beauty myself. It is also very much in my nature to help others, especially finding things they love. My days here at Springer's allow me to be surrounded by beautiful, sparkly jewelry and timepieces, while helping our clients find their dream ring or timepiece. Can't get much better than that!


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    For your health & ours

    We’re not the same jeweler we were 150 years ago, or even 2 months ago - and we are proud of that. For 150 years, you have trusted us to be your family jeweler and you can trust us that we have taken the proper protocols in place to safely open to help our clients celebrate life’s most cherished moments. From limiting the number of clients we allow in the store at one time, to cleaning the jewelry and surfaces after every contact, and implementing touch-less payment options, we've gone beyond the recommended guidelines to make sure that your shopping experience is as safe as possible.