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    580 Congress Street • Portland, Maine 04101
    (207) 772-5404

    by appointment hours

    For your safety and ours, we will be open Tuesday-Saturday by appointment only during the following hours:

    Tuesday - noon-4:30pm
    Wednesday - noon-4:30pm
    Thursday - noon-4:30pm
    Friday - noon-4:30pm
    Saturday - noon-4:30pm


    Anna Protcenko

    Store Manager - Since 2019

    I have worked in the service industry from restaurants, hospitality to retail for the past 19 years. Customer experience has always been the most fulfilling part of my job. It is amazing what connections one can make and how many hearts and lives we can touch simply working in a store. Jewelry is such a unique industry and offers a whole new level of experiences customers can have. It's a personal connection. It's being part of your most memorable events and truly making that moment special and unique that sets us apart. Seeing the excitement, joy and happiness in our customer's eyes is the best reward and the best way one can extend themselves to make a difference.

    Email: anna@springersjewelers.com

    Chris Keene

    Fine Jewelry Professional - Since 2011

    A life long lover of jewelry, my passion started early on and led me to Maine, where I came to study Jewelry at Maine college of Art. After school I had the opportunity to work as an apprentice and bench jeweler under local artists until I made my way to Springer's. Since arriving here my passion for the unique and vintage has grown extensively. I can typically be found in close proximity to our estate collection photographing and researching our newest pieces. Outside of work I spend my time enjoying the Portland food scene and the islands of Casco Bay.

    Email: chris@springersjewelers.com

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    Jen Aguayo

    Applied Jewelry Professional, GIA - Since 2012

    I have been working in the jewelry business for almost 2 decades. I've worked in sales, management, wholesale, and I've traveled all across North America doing design events with different jewelry companies. I have a love for helping couples find the perfect piece of jewelry, with a focus on engagement and bridal. Hearts on Fire is my favorite brand that we carry at Springer's. It's all about the sparkle!

    Email: jennifer@springersjewelers.com

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    Kelly A. Hersom

    Fine Jewelry Professional - Since 2016

    There is something magical about being able to help my clients choose the ultimate gift. During my first communion I remember receiving my very own first gift, a ruby ring. It sits in my jewelry box and brings me back to that exact moment. Every piece of jewelry has a story. Hi, my name is Kelly. Come in and say hi, let me help you write your story.

    Email: kelly@springersjewelers.com

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    Kim Dana

    Customer Service / Sales Support - Since 2019

    I'm a rock hound! I love hiking and discovering hidden treasures then trying to figure out what gem I've found. Being able to spend my days at Springer's with people who are experts in jewelry and gemstones is a great opportunity. I have spent most of my career in retail in various positions for large companies but nothing compares to the experience I've had since joining the team at Springer's Jewelers.

    Email: kim@springersjewelers.com

    Naomi McNeill

    Fine Jewelry Professional - Since 2014

    What I love about jewelry is that it has a story. It has the power to remind you of a specific person or moment in time, all while communicating your identity to the world. Jewelry creates a connection between people because it can quickly segue strangers into a meaningful conversation. I also love the process of designing and creating jewelry, especially when I have a chance to help breathe new life into heirloom pieces, turning them from something dated to something unique and modern that you can truly enjoy. In my spare time I run my own jewelry studio where I design and create contemporary art jewelry, chasing around my tornado of a toddler, and of course hanging out with my high school sweetheart and best friend of a hubby.

    Email: naomi@springersjewelers.com

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