Honoring Rick's Retirement: A Legacy of Excellence at Springer’s Jewelers

Honoring Rick's Retirement: A Legacy of Excellence at Springer’s Jewelers

After an illustrious career spanning over five decades, my dad Rick Beaulieu, is bidding farewell to the company he has passionately served for so many years. Those of you who know Rick either from in the store, in our community, or in our industry, know that he has a stellar reputation that he built over the years through his integrity, trust, and relationship building. We couldn’t be prouder to send my dad off on his retirement. He has worked so hard for this company for over 50 years and that really has inspired me and my siblings.

Growing up, I would get asked all the time, “Are you going to go into the family business?” and even now, “Did you always know you wanted to work for the company?” To be honest, it wasn't something we discussed growing up, and I’m grateful that my parents never put that pressure on us. But as we went away to college and came back to Portland, we realized we all wanted to be back in the city we grew up in. We also realized what an amazing company Springer’s Jewelers is and what an amazing opportunity it was. It wasn't just about the jewelry industry; it was recognizing the relationships in a small family-owned business. As I've been in the company and got to know everyone more, it's just a very special dynamic, and I could not be prouder to be part of it.   

A Legacy of Trust

I have had the honor of working with my father Rick Beaulieu for almost 20 years now here at Springer's Jewelers and I think some of the great lessons that he has taught us are around trust. I mean, Trust 1870 is even in our logo! 

Trust from a parent in a family-owned business is a hard thing to give but he really had so much trust in us. He allowed us to try things and fail and I respect him so much for it. It can be hard to grow something so much only to one day let it go. The trust that he had in us was so powerful that it allowed us to grow and become stronger and more confident in our decision making and that's the type of trust that we really try to convey throughout the whole company. We’re not only selling jewelry, we're not only selling life experiences, we're not only celebrating our clients, but we're fostering a community of growth and relationship building within our company and that really all stemmed from the trust that my father instilled in us.  


A Pioneer of His Generation 

I think every generation has created their legacy at Springer’s Jewelers, and everybody was a pioneer in their own way. Rick carved out his legacy in a monumental way. One of the first things he sought out when he came into his ownership was buying ideal cut diamonds. He was very passionate about an ideal cut diamond, the concept behind it is that a diamond is a rare and natural anomaly that is beautiful and wonderful, but it can be made even more beautiful by cutting it perfectly. Rick saw that and was passionate about it. He would hand select the diamonds himself. That I think was being a pioneer in the industry. Rick could take something that is already beautiful and push it to its limits. If you are going to have a luxury item, why not make it the finest it can be.  

When Rick first started out, he was really welcoming to new designers, and at that time, we were transitioning into luxury goods. In this pursuit, Rick discovered Michael Good. Michael Good is now one of our top vendors, he's completely iconic and one-of-a-kind. Almost nobody in the world can do what he does with metal, and it was Rick’s pursuit of the finest materials and craftsmanship that led us to Michael Good. I wear the same pieces that my grandmother wore years ago so him to having such focus on quality, beauty, and craftsmanship laid the foundation of all the decisions we made thereafter.   

Rick-isms We Love

I love my father's simplicity. His simplicity in running this business can be seen in the way he trusts people, loves people, and encourages people. His simplicity is seen in doing the right thing by the customer. Through his simplicity there has been some great “Rick-ism’s” over the years that I really love to use.

One of my all-time favorites is, “do you think it's beautiful?” It's so simple but it is so powerful. For example, a young man shopping for an engagement ring. There are so many options and so much information on the internet but sitting down with that person when they're looking at it, all he would ask is “do you think it's beautiful?” That is so simple but it's so powerful and that is one of my all-time favorite rick-isms.

I think another Rick-ism that our families, friends and clients really have come to love is “no brainer.” When you're at the counter with somebody and they’re there, they love it, they think it’s beautiful, and it’s what they’re looking for, it's a “no brainer.” 

What We’ll Miss Most 

There are a couple things at work that I think we're all going to miss as Rick moves into retirement. One thing Rick loves to do is dive into the estate jewelry. He loves to get involved and sort through the jewelry. He’ll pull things out and it's a huge pain in the butt to keep organized but seeing the excitement and passion on his face, you can’t blame him for it. I'll miss watching him paw through those estate pieces looking for treasures for sure.   

Something about Rick that was always a joke with us is that he loves a three stone sapphire ring. That is a ring that has a sapphire in the center with diamonds on either side. I think at one point we had so many three stone sapphire diamond rings in the case that we didn't even know what to do with them! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a classic style! I will miss the fact that if he saw one on the table at a trade show, we were leaving with several of them. 

How We Plan to Honor His Legacy 

As we're celebrating Rick's retirement, it's really made us reflect on what values we want to keep with us to honor him. I would say one of the biggest skills he has is the ability to instill confidence in others. That is something that our company is very proud of here as we work together with our team and will continue to act upon.  

Another thing we want to keep doing as Rick sails off to Florida in his retirement is keep things fun. This company has always been about teamwork, family, and having fun. Keeping it light is important and Rick is just so great at that.

Rick's Retirement Sale 

I have been so lucky to work here at Springer's Jewelers with my father for almost 20 years. My siblings and I all work here together, and we've got so many great memories at the store. My dad has always made it a great place to be no matter if you’re a client or an employee.

If you didn't know our company is over 153 years old, Rick is third generation. My siblings and I, who all worked together here at Springer’s, are fourth generation so at this point, we really know how to send someone off in style! Rick’s going out with a bang, because there's no better way to celebrate his legacy.  

Rick’s Retirement Sale is a celebration of legacy and a way of saying thank you to our loyal customers while paying tribute to Rick’s remarkable career. We are celebrating with half off half of the store! It’s the perfect time to add a new piece to your collection or find the perfect gift for a loved one.  

Make sure to visit us at any one of our three locations in Bath, Portland, or Portsmouth between June 6th and 8th to take advantage of this special event.  This in-store only sale ensures that you receive the personalized service and attention to detail that Rick has been so known for.  

A heartfelt thank you to all who have supported us over the years. We look forward to seeing you in store and sharing this memorable occasion with you.  

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