How to Take Advantage of the Next Jewelry Trend Without Spending a Dime

How to Take Advantage of the Next Jewelry Trend Without Spending a Dime

Hey there, Trusties,

It's your jewelry-savvy sister here, and today we're diving into the art of sourcing the next big trend from the treasures right in your jewelry box. Get ready to rediscover those hidden gems and turn heads with your revamped style.

I'll let you in on my recent revelation during a vacation where I fell head over heels for some vintage David Yurman pieces (from our exclusive estate collection) while I was totally leaning into spring's silver trend. You know, those designer earrings that you got years ago and had been collecting dust? Turns out, they're the new staples of my jewelry collection. Silver, gold, and adorned with a mesmerizing blue topaz – they're an ode to style!

David Yurman Blue Topaz Earrings

But here's the real kicker: these statement earrings, once deemed a tad too formal, took on a new life when I followed my own advice. Pairing them with everything from a white collared shirt to a flowing dress, with hair up or down – talk about versatility! The silver trend is making a comeback, and these earrings, with a hint of oxidization for that edgy vibe, are stealing the spotlight.

Remember that David Yurman ring we all have but haven't worn in years?

David Yurman Blue Topaz Ring

Well, dust it off, lightly polish it up (the juxtaposition of oxidization and high polish is iconic David Yurman), and layer it with some fresh, updated pieces like my chic paperclip chains (I'm still rocking this one that is only $125). Gold may still be having its moment, but mixing in a touch of silver adds a breath of fresh air to your style. It's all about giving your classic pieces a new light, and trust me, the results are nothing short of fabulous.

Let's not forget the ever-reliable David Yurman bangle bracelet that became my travel companion. Durable, silver, and just the right touch of elegance without screaming for attention. Paired with my watch and favorite bracelets (that I never take off), it effortlessly elevated my look throughout my travels.

David Yurman Bangle Bracelet

So, here's the pro tip: when building your jewelry wardrobe, start by pulling out those timeless pieces that you may have forgotten about. Layer them with your new acquisitions or fresh clothing finds. That earring you've had for ages? Rock it with an oversized blazer, a crop top, or those trendy barrel jeans. Watch those pieces you thought were a bit passé shine in a brand-new light!

In the world of jewelry, trends may come and go, but your timeless pieces are forever. Embrace the magic of reinvention, and let your jewelry collection tell a story of style evolution.

Happy styling, trendsetters ✨

Sincerely, Lilly

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