Jewelry Trend Alert: Silver for Spring

Jewelry Trend Alert: Silver for Spring

Hey Trusties,

I just got back from my amazing spring break in Puerto Rico, and you won't believe what I rediscovered in my jewelry box. Silver, baby! I decided to mix things up a bit and ditch the usual gold for this trip. Not only is silver a little more budget-friendly, but it's also way easier to travel with. And let me tell you, I've fallen head over heels for every silver piece I packed. So, let's spill the tea on my newfound silver obsession!

The Perfect Silver Hoop Earrings

First up, I dug out these Michael Good Single Loop hoop earrings in sterling silver that I've had for a decade. Can you believe it? They're a classic, and I've got them in gold, too. Perfect size, not too big, not too small. Wore them with everything – from dressing up to rocking a tennis skirt and a tee. And here's a little tip: don't forget to give your silver a good polish before flaunting it. Tarnish is natural, but a little shine goes a long way!

The Perfect Silver Necklaces 

Now, let's talk necklaces. I added a LOLA Sterling Silver Paperclip Necklace to my daily #neckmess, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer. As you may already know, I usually rock my gold paperclip necklace and PAGE Estate gold watch chain, but the silver added a whole new layer to the mix. Fresh, trendy, and only $125 – I practically lived in it during my vacay. Pair it with this chunky link necklace from our Springer's Collection, and it turned my daytime jewelry look effortlessly into the perfect nighttime look. And guess what? They still look fab with a turtleneck in chilly Maine!

The Perfect Silver Bracelets

Oh, and let's not forget about the wrist game! While in Puerto Rico, I decided to take my wrist stack to the next level by layering some sterling silver bracelets. Picture this: the sun-kissed beaches, the sound of waves crashing, and my wrist adorned with a David Yurman classic cable bracelet from our PAGE Estate Collection. Talk about a vibe! These timeless pieces are not only iconic but also add that perfect touch of elegance to any outfit. I stacked a few together, mixing different sizes and textures, and it was like instant arm candy magic. Trust me, babes, your wrists deserve some love too!

Play with Silver's Color & Texture

The coolest thing about silver? Its texture and color variations! Vintage pieces from our estate collection can bring in that muted gray look, making layering a dream. Mix and match textures and colors or keep it clean – the possibilities are endless. You know me, don't overthink it, just put it on and mix it up! You never know what it will look like until it's on. 

Mixing Silver Tones and Textures

Sustainably Sourcing Silver Jewelry

And here's the real tea – some of the pieces I fell back in love with were stashed away in the depths of my jewelry box for years. We all have some neglected silver treasures hiding in there. But by pairing them with fresh styles, like the LOLA paperclip chain, you can breathe new life into old favorites.

So, this isn't just about the silver trend; it's about building a jewelry wardrobe that lasts a lifetime, utilizing what you already own. If you're unsure about what to keep, redesign, or trade in, consider booking a Jewelry Box Consultation. Your perfect piece might already be waiting for its comeback in your collection.

Stay fabulous and keep shining, trusties ✨

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