Can Diamond Rings Get Wet?

Can Diamond Rings Get Wet?

Welcoming you into the exquisite world of fine jewelry, Springer’s Jewelers invites you on a journey through knowledge and expertise honed over 150 years of illustrious heritage. As guardians of extraordinary collections, ranging from enchanting engagement rings to timeless estate jewelry, our goal is to safeguard your cherished pieces’ beauty and brilliance. One question we often encounter regards the care of diamond rings: Can they withstand the embrace of water? Let us unfold the mysteries behind this intriguing query.

Physical Properties of Diamonds

Diamonds, nature’s epitome of unyielding beauty, hold a cherished place in our hearts and our collections. Their remarkable hardness and innate durability make them resistant to life’s everyday elements, water included. 

However, while the diamond itself stands resilient, the ring's overall design and accompanying materials dictate its ability to brave various conditions.

Ring Materials and Setting

Crafted to capture hearts, the metals encasing our selection of radiant diamonds play a pivotal role in a ring’s longevity. At Springer's Jewelers, our offerings predominantly feature metals that gracefully weather exposure to moisture. 

The setting, an artistic symphony of metal and stone, is meticulously crafted to safeguard the diamond, ensuring its security and splendor.

Practical Scenarios

Life is an array of moments, each echoing with its own essence. Whether you find joy in the gentle touch of water while swimming or seek serenity in a shower, rest assured that your diamond ring is designed to accompany you. 

However, mindful practices, such as removing rings during encounters with harsh chemicals or cleaning agents, amplify their enduring elegance.

Professional Cleaning and Maintenance

Curators of beauty, we advocate for the regular professional cleaning of your fine jewelry. This practice, steeped in a tradition of care, preserves the radiant allure of your pieces. For moments between professional care, we furnish guidance for gentle at-home cleaning methods, ensuring your diamond ring always mirrors the beauty of your special moments.

Best Practices

In the embrace of our commitment to nurture your cherished possessions, we offer insightful tips to elevate the care of your diamond ring. Armed with knowledge, you can navigate various situations, ensuring that your ring’s integrity and beauty flourish through time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your curiosity is a cherished guest in our house of jewels. We invite you to discover answers to frequently asked questions, where our expertise illuminates paths to optimal care and delightful experiences with your diamond rings.


Bound by a legacy of excellence and a heartwarming relationship with our community, Springer's Jewelers is honored to guide you through the enchanting realms of fine jewelry care. We invite you to discover our selection, where each piece is a promise of quality and a beacon of timeless elegance.

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