What Jewelry to Wear for a Boho Chic Look? Follow These 4 Tips

What Jewelry to Wear for a Boho Chic Look? Follow These 4 Tips

Effortless Elegance: Embrace the Boho Chic Look with Springer's Jewelers.

Thanks to the guidance of her ever-stylish mother, Nancy, Lilly learned the transformative power of accessories at a young age. According to Nancy, an outfit was never truly complete without the perfect adornments – a philosophy that has resonated with Lilly throughout her life. Now, as the fourth-generation owner and President of Springer's Jewelers, a jewelry destination with over 150-years of expertise, Lilly shares her insights on infusing the Boho Chic aesthetic into your jewelry wardrobe.

In this blog post, Lilly unveils four invaluable tips on how to elevate your Boho Chic outfit with the perfect jewelry accessories. Drawing inspiration from her rich experiences, the exquisite craftsmanship of Springer's Jewelers, and the importance of movement, texture, and the allure of mixing metals, you are invited to join us on a journey where effortless elegance meets the timeless allure of finely curated accessoriesFor women who aspire to exude an air of effortlessness, the Boho chic look is a trend that seamlessly merges luxury and free-spirited style.

Tip #1: Creating Movement and Texture

Boho chic is all about embracing the freedom of movement and celebrating the tactile nature of jewelry. Springer's Jewelers offers a curated collection that effortlessly incorporates these elements, with carefully crafted pieces that dance with the wearer's every step.

For necklaces opt for a mix of short and long, flowing necklaces that gracefully move with the rhythm of your day, adding an extra layer of enchantment to your ensemble. Consider intricate, textured designs that capture the essence of nature, mirroring the Boho spirit of embracing the organic and unconventional. Paperclip-style chain necklaces are also great for adjusting the length of your neck-mess, ensuring the necklaces can effortlessly layer with one another.

Adding natural gemstones is another great way to add texture and color. Moonstone and turquoise jewelry will immediately elevate any Boho Chic look. I mean, how fabulous is Gem Gossip's Mark Henry neckmess below? Note the texture at play with the link in the Paperclip Chain Necklaces, and then again with the diamonds and moonstone. The unexpected juxtaposition is classic Boho style. 

Mark Henry Gemgossip Moonstone Jewelry

As for bracelets, the more the merrier. Bangles are great for movement and creating a wrist-situation. Charm bracelets are also ideal for creating movement and texture, with charms almost singing as they dangle.  

Hoop earrings, with their versatile and timeless appeal, can effortlessly play into the Boho Chic style, adding a touch of free-spirited elegance to any ensemble. One of the defining features of Boho Chic style is its laid-back, casual vibe. Hoop earrings effortlessly transition from day to night, making them a versatile choice for Boho fashion enthusiasts. Choose a pair that can be worn with flowy dresses, distressed denim, or layered bohemian skirts for a seamless integration into your everyday wardrobe. I absolutely love these updated hoops from Michael Good, a local Maine jewelry designer. 

These accessories effortlessly capture the essence of Bohemian style, allowing you to infuse your look with eclectic charm, personal narratives, and a touch of free-spirited elegance.

Tip #2: Mixing Metals: White, Yellow, and Rose Gold Harmony

In the realm of Boho chic, rules are meant to be broken. I encourage the daring exploration of mixed metals, seamlessly combining white, yellow, and rose gold for a truly opulent look. The eclectic blend of white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold jewelry adds depth and dimension to your ensemble, allowing you to effortlessly transition from casual daywear to upscale evening events. Explore the dynamic interplay of colors and textures, making a bold statement that showcases your unique sense of style. How fabulous is this Fope arm candy? We'll have one of each, please. 

Fope Boho Jewelry Mixing Metals Bangle Bracelets

Tip #3: Sentimental Charms: Beyond the Aesthetic

Beyond the surface allure, Springer's Jewelers believes in the power of jewelry to hold sentimental meaning. Necklaces adorned with unsuspecting pendants, such as lockets, rings, wedding bands, or charms, become more than just accessories – they become cherished symbols of personal significance. Choose pieces that resonate with your life's journey, celebrating milestones, passions, and memories. Gem Gossip, once again, does this effortlessly and I am obsessed with her look below. 

Tip #4: Don't Overthink It – Boho Chic Should be Effortless

The Boho chic look is a celebration of individuality and self-expression. I encourage women to embrace their unique style without overthinking it. Mix and match jewelry pieces that resonate with your personality, creating a harmonious blend of sophistication and whimsy.  The key is to allow your jewelry to tell a story, reflecting the diverse facets of your identity while maintaining an air of effortlessness.


Lilly invites women who appreciate the intersection of fashion and luxury to embrace the Boho chic look with confidence and style. With a boho-inspired collection that seamlessly blends movement, texture, and mixed metals, Springer's Jewelers empowers women to curate an effortlessly elegant ensemble that reflects their individuality. Celebrate the beauty of imperfection and the allure of the unexpected, and let your jewelry from Springer's be the perfect finishing touch to your Boho-inspired look. Book your appointment to come in for your jewelry style consultation today! 


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