What is My Birthstone?

What is My Birthstone?

Every moment is precious, and at Springer's Jewelers, we believe in cherishing and celebrating life's milestones. Birthstones, with their unique beauty and significance, provide a fascinating way of honoring the month of your birth. Have you ever wondered, "What is my birthstone?" If so, we're here to help you unravel the mystery and allure of these natural wonders.

Understanding Birthstones

Birthstones, precious and semi-precious gemstones associated with the month of one's birth, have been cherished since ancient times. These gemstones are more than mere adornments; they're deeply rooted in history, culture, and personal significance. Springer's Jewelers, with a history spanning over 150 years, proudly carries forward this tradition.

Birthstones by Month

Every month of the year is associated with specific birthstones, each boasting its unique charm and allure. Let's uncover the beauty and significance of each birthstone:

  • January - Garnet: This deep red stone is believed to symbolize friendship and trust. Discover our selection of garnet jewelry.
  • February - Amethyst: Known for its rich violet hue, the amethyst represents peace, courage, and stability. Explore our amethyst collection.
  • March - Aquamarine: Resonating the tranquil blues of the sea, aquamarine signifies serenity and health. Dive into our aquamarine offerings.
  • April - Diamond: The diamond, symbolic of strength and eternal love, is a classic choice in fine jewelry. Uncover our vast diamond collection.
  • May - Emerald: Representing rebirth and love, the vibrant green emerald is a truly royal gemstone. Discover our range of emerald jewelry.
  • June - Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone: June boasts three birthstones, each with unique characteristics. From the classic elegance of pearls to the chameleonic allure of alexandrite and the ethereal charm of moonstone, June babies are spoiled for choice. Explore our pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone collections.
  • July - Ruby: The ruby, with its fiery red hue, symbolizes passion and protection. Discover our selection of ruby jewelry.
  • August - Peridot and Spinel: August features two gemstones - the light green peridot symbolizing strength and the multifaceted spinel signifying hope. Browse through our Peridot and Spinel collections.
  • September - Sapphire: The sapphire, signifying wisdom and nobility, is cherished for its mesmerizing blue hue. Explore our range of sapphire jewelry.
  • October - Opal and Tourmaline: October babies can choose between the kaleidoscopic opal symbolizing faithfulness and the multi-hued tourmaline representing peace. Discover our opal and tourmaline offerings.
  • November - Topaz and Citrine: The warm hues of Topaz and Citrine, both symbolizing love and affection, make them perfect for November. Explore our topaz and citrine collections.
  • December - Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise: Ranging from the rare tanzanite to the unique zircon and tranquil turquoise, December birthstones are truly special. Uncover our tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise selections.

Frequently Asked Questions about Birthstones

Understanding your birthstone involves answering common questions like: Can you have more than one birthstone? Can you choose your birthstone? What to do if you don't like your birthstone? How to choose a birthstone gift? Schedule an appointment with Springer's Jewelers for personalized answers to these questions and more.

Caring for Your Birthstone Jewelry

Fine jewelry requires care to maintain its beauty. Our dedicated team at Springer's Jewelers is always ready to offer advice on preserving the lustre of your birthstone pieces. Remember to avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your birthstones and store them properly to prevent scratches.


Birthstones, with their unique charm and symbolism, offer a personal touch to your jewelry collection. Springer's Jewelers invites you to discover and embrace your birthstone, cherishing its beauty and significance. Whether it's a gift for yourself or a loved one, a birthstone is a beautiful celebration of life's precious moments.

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