Hearts On Fire Barre Collection

Hearts On Fire Barre Collection

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We’re here today to discuss a new line we have in store! At Springer’s Jewelers, we’re always on the lookout for the latest in luxury jewelry and when it comes to diamonds, Hearts On Fire stands in a league of its own. There is no better diamond than the world’s most beautifully cut diamonds from Hearts On Fire. Hearts On Fire selects optimally pure rough crystal which ensures that the maximum amount of light captured, scintillated, and reflected is always at its most brilliant. Less than 1% of the world’s rough diamond crystals meet the Hearts On Fire baseline standards for transparency, clarity, and color. We’re so excited to be showing you their newest collection, the Barre line. This is the latest and greatest and we’re here to discuss why! 

Versatile Elegance 

For those who love timeless jewelry with a twist, the Barre collection is for you. This line combines classic elegance with a modern edge that I feel like we are all searching for in our everyday jewelry. This is what makes them a great addition to your jewelry box because of how versatile they are. Wear it with your T-shirt during the day or your formal wear at night. Take, for instance, the stunning Barre Floating Hoop Diamond Earrings. At first glance they may seem like your ordinary hoop earrings but upon closer inspection, we can see this interesting organic layout of diamond tucked closely to the side. This adds such an unexpected twist to this timeless piece of jewelry that really makes it a modern staple.  

Beautifully Bold 

The beauty of the Barre collection doesn’t stop there. Hearts On Fire has redefined the idea of the bar necklace. This 18K Yellow Gold Floating Bar Necklace is designed to sit flat against your chest so as not to flip around while you’re on the go. The floating diamonds again really add something new and unexpected, a design that is so unique that it reminds us why Hearts On Fire is a top designer. This style immediately adds texture to any layered look or neck mess. With three different jump rings, make it the length that works for you! 

Elevated Designs 

I love an alternative diamond earring, they’re a little more out of the box than your typical diamond studs and something that not everybody else has! No matter what you’re wearing they make your outfit more interesting. This brings me to the new Floating Diamond Climber Earrings from the Barre collection. The brilliant cut really makes these earrings sparkle. These earrings strike the perfect balance between classic elegance and contemporary flair, making them suitable for any occasion. The design of these earrings is also very important. The back of the earring has an extra support loop that sits flat against your ear, ensuring that the earring is held flush against your ear and not leaning off the front. These are the details that really matter when investing in luxury styles.  

Redefining the Right-Hand Ring 

If you’re searching for the perfect statement jewelry for your right hand look no further than the Floating Diamond Ring from the Barre collection. The diamonds are off set from the band in a cool organic display. It allows you to get the stacked ring look with just one ring. When investing in diamonds it’s important that you invest in one that has a great cut grade like these. Their commitment to excellence is obvious in every part of their design, making them the top choice for anyone seeking the highest quality and style.   

Unparalleled Comfort and Style 

Lastly, Hearts On Fire blends comfort and style in the Barre collection with the new Multi Row Diamond Bracelet and ring. These pieces are flexible, allowing the pieces to move and bend with the person wearing them. This design is so unique but reminiscent of jewelry my family wore when I was younger. It’s texture and intricacies are sure to make a statement.  


At Springer’s Jewelers we’re proud to offer the finest selection of Hearts On Fire jewelry including the breathtaking Barre collection. Whether you’re treating yourself or searching for the perfect gift for someone special, we invite you to experience the brilliance of the Barre collection for yourself. Visit us today and discover why Hearts On Fire continues to set the standard for luxury jewelry. 

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