The Significance of Orange Blossoms

The Significance of Orange Blossoms

Before there were influencers on social media, the world turned to royalty to see what was on-trend. During the Victorian era (1837-1901), Queen Victoria wore a wreath of orange blossoms in her hair at her wedding in 1840. In the secret language of flowers, orange blossoms conveyed innocence and fertility. Her love of the orange blossom did not go unnoticed by her husband Albert who continued to provide Victoria with gifts of jewelry that incorporate the orange blossom. Together they made up the Orange Blossom Parure (suite).

The first piece, a brooch, was sent to Victoria in celebration of their betrothal. The wreath was the final piece, presented to her on their sixth wedding anniversary. Victoria, writing in her Journal noted ‘It is entirely his own design, & beautifully carried out.’ She continued to wear elements from the parure to celebrate her wedding anniversary throughout her married life.

Today, we still find orange blossoms tucked into the engraving of period pieces in our Estate Collection as well as new pieces in our bridal collection. 

Source: Orange Blossom Parure (2019, November 13). 

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