Our Fave Designer Instagrams

Our Fave Designer Instagrams

Here at Springer's, Instagram is one of our favorite social networks. We could spend hours scrolling through our feed looking at everyone's outfits, vacations, recipe ideas and, of course, jewelry. Instagram is an endless source of inspiration - a place to find the latest trends and how to wear them. So who better to follow than some of our favorite designers? Take a peek below to see the designers whose photos we always double tap. Head on over to Instagram to follow them, too - and don't forget to follow us, @springersjewelers!


If there's one designer we couldn't live without on Instagram it's Dana Rebecca! The feed includes their incredible jewelry designs in fabulous styles and stacks that give us ultimate outfit envy, but that's not all. You'll also find a quotes to inspire you and make you laugh and snapshots of the hundreds of celebrities who love Dana Rebecca as much as we do (Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence and Carrie Underwood, just to name a few).


Not only does the designer share her award-winning (and fabulous) jewelry with us on Instagram, she's also been known to share rough sketches of forthcoming designs, and photos from the travel that inspires her work. Whether you're coming for the jewelry, the animals, the art, or the Italy, @templestclair has something for all of us to enjoy.


Even living in Maine, the coastal snapshots from The ROPES consistently take our breath away. Come for the colorful ROPES bracelets we all know & love, and find yourself staying for the beautiful landscapes, adorable children, and enviable outfits that all come through @theropesmaine at one point or another.


You would expect the people behind The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond to have one of the world's most perfect Instagrams, and Hearts On Fire doesn't disappoint. Their feed sparkles so much, you just might need sunglasses to look at it. Featuring close ups on those perfect diamonds, style shots, stack ideas, and recently Rihanna, @heartsonfireco is a must follow.

Main photo by William Iven for Unsplash
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