In Search Of Diamonds

In Search Of Diamonds

It's that time of year again, and we're sending Zoe back to the world's largest diamond marketplace - Antwerp, Belgium. Over 70% of the world's diamonds are traded in Antwerp and Zoe, our diamond expert, knows just what to look for. With her highly trained eye and classic style, Zoe will be handpicking all of the diamonds you'll be seeing in Springer's stores for the next year. From classic round brilliant cuts to fancy shapes, like ovals and cushions, Antwerp has it all.

This trip represents a unique opportunity for our customers as well, which is why we travel to Antwerp time and time again. Not only will Zoe be bringing back the diamonds you'll see in our cases - she'll also be acting as a personal shopper for a small list of clients. In the home of famous waffles, chocolate and beer, Zoe will be looking at hundreds of the world’s best diamonds – Including the diamond of your dreams, one that fits the size, shape, rarity that you wish with your budget in mind.

Now is the time to sit down with our experts and tell us what your perfect diamond looks like. Let us make life's biggest moments that much more special with a diamond hand selected in Antwerp and flown over 3,000 miles just for you. Book your appointment in our Portland, Bath, or Portsmouth stores today to discuss the best diamond for you. Don't wait too long, the plane leaves October 7th!

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