How to Sell Your Jewelry

How to Sell Your Jewelry

Often I will hear "my sister, mother, aunt, family member left this box of jewelry to me." The next part of the conversation reveals numerous tidbits why the client wants guidance on how to sell estate jewelry that has a personal connection to them.

Commonly Mentioned Reveals:

  1. The client has a personal emotional connection with the gifter.
  2. The items do not suit the clients lifestyle.
  3. The items are ugly, garish, out of style, the wrong color metal, too big-too small... any number of reasons making them unsuitable to wear.
  4. The client would like to put the current coupable value to better use at this juncture in their life.
  5. The fear of feeling disloyal to their gifter is an obstacle.

I will ask, where have these items have been stored? Safe deposit boxes, drawers, closets, shoe boxes, various 'safe' places are commonly listed. All of them are out of sight, out of mind.

So, here's the point, jewels act as memory triggers. Having them tucked away does not facilitate the recollection of precious memories.

By recapturing the value or trading in the unused items the client can become the proud owner of a new beautiful, usable and desirable jewel or watch. When worn the floodgate of sweet memories is top of mind.

Whether you want beautiful diamond earrings, a gold bracelet, a Rolex watch, or any of your hearts desires the translation from unwanted, unused items to proud ownership is real. Every time you wear your new adornment or watch you will remember who helped you acquire it.

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