Bath Store Update

Bath Store Update

Our Bath, ME location is closed February 19-22, 2018 to install carpeting. Below a note from our President, Lilly Mullen, explains the change...

We at Springer's feel great pride that the community is invested in preserving the historical nature of our Bath location. No one appreciates the importance of history and tradition more than Springer's Jewelers. We are a family owned business that has existed since 1870 and one of our greatest challenges is maintaining our heritage while keeping up with modern needs.

Over the past year, we have been making changes to the Bath location to help our team work more efficiently and comfortably. We have already added workstations so our associates have a space to keep their computers and phones. We have also added a repair intake station to take our repairs in via computer. The back end of the store has also been reworked to give the staff a more efficient workspace. During all of these changes, we have been working with a MidCoast finish carpenter to ensure the new elements flow seamlessly with the original details of the store.

One of our last modifications is the flooring. After running through multiple scenarios with a flooring specialist we came to the conclusion that our best solution is carpeting. Our team is asked to be on their feet almost all day, and carpeting is most beneficial for this. We also feel that the tile creates an echo within the store. Often we are discussing private matters with customers and feel they do not have the level of privacy we should be providing.

The project itself entails leveling out the back workspace, which is currently not level enough for someone to sit in a chair with wheels. It also will level the floor between behind the cases (which is laminate) to the tile you see in the middle of the store.

Although it was not the solution we wanted to hear, it is what we must do to give our team a better working environment. Most importantly we were able to find a product that does not use glue for installations. This allows us to cover the tile portion of the store without compromising the tile. If the carpet ever needs to be removed it will not damage the floor and the tile will remain below.

We look forward to everyone seeing the new look on their next visit to our historic Bath location.

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