A Love Note to Art Deco Jewelry

A Love Note to Art Deco Jewelry

Ask any jewelry lover what their favorite jewelry period is, and you will get a variety of answers. Between the intricate, lacey details of the Edwardian period, to the soft and mystical nature of Art Nouveau jewelry, I get it. It’s hard to pick just one. But ask me what my favorite jewelry period is, and without hesitation, my answer is plain and simple. I love Art Deco. 

I love that this was a time when women felt free to express their individuality.

I love the jewelry's bold color and geometric designs.

I love how the time’s rapidly changing fashions in clothing brought new styles of jewelry. The sleeveless flapper dresses of the Roaring Twenties meant that arms needed decoration. Bracelets crafted of gold, silver, and platinum quickly emerged and why wear just one bracelet, when two-three, hey, why not four, look so much better. 

I love the fact that the shorter the women wore their hair, meant the need for elaborate earring designs.

I love Art Deco jewelry so much, I even hinted it as a point of inspiration for my engagement ring and I love that every day, I have a constant reminder to the confident and free-thinking tenor of the times. 

What jewelry period do you love? 

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