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    Stop waiting and start wishing! It's never too early, or too late, to start making your Wishlist. And this year, you deserve to get EXACTLY what you want. So don't be shy - start creating your online Wishlist from the comfort of your own home, and share, share away!

    Creating and sharing your Wishlist is easy as 1-2-3:

    1. Simply click on a product you wish to save and click "Add to Wishlist"

    2. You will be given the option to add it to your general Wishlist or create a new collection (think: Birthday, Holiday, Anniversary, gift ideas from the parents, from your significant other - the possibilities are endless).

    3. Start sharing! From the gold menu bar above, click "Wishlist" to access your Wishlist and collections, and simply click on the Envelope icon to share your entire Wishlist or just a collection via email so they know exactly what you get you for that special occasion - or just because!

    Important note: Just make sure you connect your Wishlist to your email account, so you can save it across your devices. Plus that way we'll be able to look it up incase anyone ever comes in asking about it 😉

    You can do this from the Gear icon on your Wishlist. Once you enter your email address, you will be asked to validate your request through your email. Just wait for the email to come through, hit Confirm and you'll be taken back to your Springer's Jewelers Wishlist.

    Start Shopping!