PAGE, The Springer's Estate Collection - 2500-5000
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    PAGE, The Springer's Estate Collection

    Every Estate piece has a story.  While each and every piece that comes through our doors is unique and has a different story to tell, they all have one thing in common... they yearn for their story to continue.

    Named after AG Page, the original jewelers in our Bath location where our passion for hand-selecting estate pieces was born over 150 years ago, the PAGE Collection features specially curated pieces for every budget, from every era and style, and even from the best contemporary designers, like Tiffany, David Yurman and more.

    Add a PAGE to your story.

    PAGE, The Springer's Estate Collection
    Turk's-Head Bracelet Estate AGA Correa
    Ruby & Diamond Ring PAGE Estate
    Pilot Chronograph 43mm Pre-Owned IWC
    .43ct Diamond Ring PAGE Estate
    .99ctw Diamond Studs 1870 Collection
    Gold Watch Necklace PAGE Estate
    Fancy Cuff Bracelet PAGE Estate