The World's Finest Swiss Timepieces

Springer's Jewelers is an authorized jeweler for the finest watch brands in the world. As you may know, because of their exclusivity, more and more brands are choosing to restrict internet use of their brand name and imagery to their official websites only. As an authorized retailer, Springer's Jewelers is restricted in the display of all the luxury watch brands that we carry on our website. We support these brands in their efforts. Additionally, beware of internet sites offering these luxury watch brands. They are NOT authorized retailers and are selling only second hand, often questionable inventory.

As authorized retailers we sell these luxury timepieces only over the counter in our stores. We do have a great selection of pre-owned, reconditioned models in our online estate department. For additional information about these exceptional timepieces that are available in our store, please give us a call or visit one of our three New England locations: Portland & Bath, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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